RTP_2701_DUSTJACKET_martin_luther_sept12a.inddDr. Steven Lawson has done it again.  The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther  is the fifth installment of the excellent series, edited by Dr. Lawson,  A Long Line of Godly Men.  The series reaches back into the halls of church history and unearths the great heroes of the Christian faith, men who have faithfully served God and proclaimed the truth of God – John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Knox, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  The newest offering is a riveting account of the life and legacy of the great Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther.

Chapter one surveys Luther’s pilgrimage from spiritual death to spiritual life and his ascent to the pulpit.  Readers familiar with Roland Bainton’s classic work, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther will appreciate Lawson’s approach here.   They will certainly appreciate Lawson’s unique ability to weave many details of Luther’s life into a few short pages.

The remaining chapters which comprise the core of the book focus on Luther’s preaching.  The author examines Luther’s deep conviction concerning God’s Word, his commitment to toiling hard in the study, his commitment to the text of Scripture, his passion in the pulpit, and his fearless approach to preaching God’s Word.

Once again, Steve Lawson has done a great service for the church.  This short volume will no doubt awaken a sleeping church.  It will alert them to indispensable need for expository preaching; preaching that is faithful to Scripture.  Faithful preaching, of course always magnifies the doctrines of grace, which is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ – so that nations will treasure him above all.

5 stars

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