1781911398_lIf Ray Ortlund Jr. wrote a book about dirt, I would gobble it up.  I respect him that much.  So when Dr. Ortlund puts his hand to the plow and excavates some of the jewels that emerge in Romans chapter 8, I’m an eager learner.  Of course, Ortlund does not disappoint.  The title of the book is Supernatural Living For Natural People: The Life-Giving Message of Romans 8.  

The author carefully walks readers through Paul major arguments in Romans 8 that include key doctrinal realities including justification, mortification, vivification, among other things.

At the heart of the book is a reliance on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  A gospel-centeredness pervades this work that serves as a “sledge hammer” that destroys legalism that is such a part of local churches: “So when the grandeur of the Christian hope comes home to our hearts, all nit-picky legalism and foot-dragging complacency are seen to be absurd.  The gospel spreads magnificence out before us.  So away with our gloomy unbelief.”  The book stands in the Reformed tradition and is undergirded by weighty Calvinistic presuppositions.

Dr. Ortlund has a unique ability that combines the mind of a scholar with the heart of a pastor.  His exegetical work is superb and his application is directed to real people who live in the real world.

Highly recommended!

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