THE HOLE IN OUR HOLINESS – Kevin DeYoung (2012)

1433541351_bTalk about holiness can be dangerous business.  It’s so easy to turn the biblical notion of holiness into a set of do’s and don’ts – as a measure of spirituality.  Keeping lists is the business of Pharisees.  And we all know – there is no shortage of finger-pointing Pharisees in the evangelical church.

Kevin DeYoung tackles the subject of holiness in his latest book, The Hole in Our Holiness.  His approach to sanctification is packed with biblical wisdom and counsel.

DeYoung argues that the evangelical church does not appear to be concerned with holiness much anymore: “The hole in our holiness is that we don’t really care much about it.  Passionate exhortation to pursue gospel-driven holiness is barely heard in most of our churches.  It’s not that we don’t talk about sin or encourage decent behavior.  Too many sermons are basically self-help seminars on becoming a better you.  That’s moralism, and it’s not helpful.  Any gospel which says only what you must do and never announces what Christ has done is no gospel at all.”  The author nails it in the first chapter.  The remainder of the book continues to drive home the chief contention of gospel-centered holiness.  He militates against man-made techniques and drives readers to Christ and his cross.

The Hole in Our Holiness is a welcome addition to the growing number of gospel-centered resources that continue to saturate the marketplace among Bible-believing Christ-followers.

Highly recommended

4.5 stars

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