CRAZY BUSY – Kevin DeYoung (2013)

Crazy Busy is the latest offering by Kevin DeYoung.  The book short and sweet.  In fact, the 1433533383_bsubtitle lures readers to give it a try: “A (Mercifully) Short Book About A (Really) Big Problem.”  But don’t let the brevity be a distraction.  For within the pages of this little book is a message that needs to be heard and heeded.

DeYoung, a self-described busy person has his finger on a problem that is only getting worse by the day: People are crazy busy.  The net result are fragmented families, failing healthy, and frustration of seismic proportions.

The problem that DeYoung is concerned about is primarily a spiritual problem.  He rightly argues, “When we are crazy busy, we put our souls at risk.”  The author identifies three specific dangers that threaten the very foundations of our spiritual lives.

Danger # 1: Business can ruin our joy.

Danger # 2: Busyness can rob our hearts.

Danger # 3: Busyness can cover up the rot in our souls.

DeYoung serves readers by offering seven prescriptions which offer hope for the busy and practical help for anyone who suffers from the tyranny of the urgent.  The seven diagnoses are:

1. You are beset with many manifestations of pride

2. You are trying to do what God does not expect you to do

3. You can’t serve others without setting priorities

4. You need to stop freaking out about your kids

5. You are letting the screen strangle your soul

6. You’d better rest yourself before you wreck yourself

7. You suffer more because you don’t expect to suffer at all

Readers who find themselves too busy to read Crazy Busy  need to sit down and read this book.  It is filled with practical help, winsome suggestions, and biblical wisdom.  Crazy people will turn away from this book.  Wise people will read it, absorb it, and assimilate the principles into the fabric of their lives.

Highly recommended

4 stars

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