1433532492_bEvery leader makes mistakes.  Dave Kraft makes this painfully clear in his excellent book, Mistakes Leaders Make.  MLM is a part of the growing list of Re:Lit books, a superb lineup of Crossway titles that provide encouragement for emerging leaders in pastoral ministry.

Kraft brings over 40 years of leadership experience as he presents ten leadership mistakes:

1. Allowing ministry to replace Jesus

2. Allowing Comparing to Replace Contentment

3. Allowing Pride to Replace Humility

4. Allowing Pleasing People to Replace Pleasing God

5. Allowing Busyness to Replace Visioning

6. Allowing Financial Frugality to Replace Fearless Faith

7. Allowing Artificial Harmony to Replace Difficult Conflict

8. Allowing Perennially Hurting People to Replace Potential Hungry Leaders

9. Allowing Information to Replace Transformation

10. Allowing Control to Replace Trust

The book should be applauded for its transparency and vulnerability.  Dave Kraft “lays the cards on the table” in a way that is rare these days.  Pastors in particular will benefit from Kraft’s biblical wisdom.

4 stars

2 thoughts on “MISTAKES LEADERS MAKE – Dave Kraft (2012)

  1. PTL ***I would like to thank you for opening my understanding to ONE WORLD ORDER
    All the information shows the work of the Anti-Christ and how the Church is being deceived. This has led me 2 examine my own walk and heart with JESUS”😄
    I am asking myself alot of questions.
    This will change the way(John 14:6) I look at my life

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