Steven J. Lawson serves as the general editor of A Long Line Of Godly Men Profiles, publishedwatts by Reformation Trust.  Douglas Bond adds to this excellent series with a biographical sketch of Isaac Watts.  The men set forth this series may disagree on secondary theological matters but “stood shoulder to shoulder” writes Lawson, “in championing these five biblical teachings (the five points of Calvinism) that magnify the sovereign grace of God in salvation.  They upheld the truth that ‘salvation is of the Lord.'”  Isaac Watts is no exception.

Watts was first and foremost a Bible-believing Christian.  Most recognize him as a poet, the author of at least 750 hymns.  Mr. Bond nicely summarizes the Christ-honoring pen of Isaac Watts: “He was unapologetically a biblical and theological poet who has given to all Christians a rich legacy of sung worship, full of imagination, skill, deep theological perception, vivid sensory insight, cheerfulness in the midst of suffering and disadvantages, and a contagious sense of wonder at the majesty of God.”

Bond is quick to give God the glory as he guides readers through the life and journey of Isaac Watts.  The book is a reminder of God’s sovereign grace which serves as an impetus to worship and serve him with faithfulness and Christ-saturated joy.

4 stars

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