TRUTH MATTERS – Andreas Kostenberger, Darrel Bock, and Josh Chatraw (2014)

truthTruth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World  is an entry-level book designed as an apologetics/worldview resource for students.  The authors rightly assume that unprepared students will be assaulted in the marketplace of ideas.  Truth Matters is a step in the right direction that will be of immense help as student seek to build a Christian worldview and prepare for the onslaught of secularism.

The book is a clear and clever response to the unbelieving ideas of Bart Ehrman, a Moody Bible Institute graduate who has since abandoned the Christian faith.  Ehrman’s writings have been influential among skeptics and have caused confusion among the believing.  Kostenberger’s work helps cut through the fog of skepticism and arm Christian students to contend for the faith.

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