WHAT’S YOUR WORLDVIEW – James N. Anderson (2013)

What’s Your Worldview: An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions by worlviewJames N. Anderson is a book that is altogether unique.  Anderson presents his goals in advance:

  1. To help readers identify and clarify their worldview.
  2. To encourage readers to consider the big questions and think through the implications.
  3. To help readers understand the important implications that exist between worldviews.

The book is unique in that it guides readers on a sort of worldview path.  Foundational questions are dealt with at the beginning of the book – questions that address matters of freewill, morality, theism, epistemology, etc.  How the reader answers these questions lead to a discussion of a given worldview.  For instance, if one holds that truth is unknowable or relative, they will be directed to the section on relativism.  If one rejects the belief in a personal, transcendent God, they will be directed to the section on atheism.

Anderson does a good job in surveying every major worldview in summary form.  The book addresses the basics of a given worldview and points out the logical, practical, and biblical inconsistencies.

What’s Your Worldview is a book that every high school student and college age student should read.  It’s very readable and provides just enough information to whet the appetite of students.  I’m eager to see how Anderson’s work will be received by campus ministers and trust that it will receive a wide reading.

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