BLOOD WORK – Anthony Carter (2013)

blood workI have an aversion to blood.  A recent trip to the hospital to pray with a friend before surgery was a vivid reminder of my problem.  My intent was to be strong for my friend; to be a source of encouragement.  But as the nurse completed the IV, the “rock of strength” crumbled.

But when it one considers the high points of theology, nothing could be more important than blood.  This much is clear in Anthony J. Carter’s excellent book, Blood WorkHow the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation.

Carter examines the work of Christ on the cross for sinners in a multi-faceted way that highlights important themes such as propitiation, justification, redemption, and sanctification.  Carter does not pretend to explore these and related themes in a comprehensive way.  Rather the important facets of the cross are introduced and applied, albeit with great care, precision, and reverence.

Carter utilizes some of the great hymns of the faith to drive home some of the pertinent points, reminding readers to return to these timeless classics.  But more important, readers are reminded to turn their attention to the blood work of Jesus Christ.

Blood Work is a terrific introduction to John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied.  Carter’s clear and winsome style should draw beginning readers in and attract their attention to writers like Murray, Packer, and Stott who have written extensively about the cross work of Christ.

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