0062014862_bRonald Reagan 100 Years is a celebration of the life and legacy of Americas greatest president.  The chairman of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Frederick J. Ryan, Jr. writes, “In celebrating the centennial of Ronald Reagan’s birth, we remember an extraordinary man who touched our hearts.  A man whose natural optimism gave us hope.  Whose strong principles and devotion to the cause of freedom gave us confidence.  Whose smooth, reassuring voice gave us courage.  And whose unwavering belief in the American dream made us believe in ourselves.”

Ronald Reagan 100 Years is a vivid reminder of the influence of the man who reminded us of the importance of  a strong work ethic, the peace through strength, lower taxes, and the pursuit of the American dream.  This beautiful edition is filled with memorable photographs that will stir the memories of readers and inspire them to return to the American ideal.

June 5, 2014 marks the ten-year anniversary of the death of President Reagan.  In memory of my favorite president, the next seven days will be devoted to posts that celebrate his memory.

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