TURNING ADVERSITY INTO OPPORTUNITY – James Kouzes and Barry Posner (2014)

James Kouzes and Barry Posner have been offering help to leaders for years now.  Their seminal works, The 1118911296_bLeadership Challenge, Credibility, and the Truth About Leadership have helped me immensely as I grow personally and pastorally as a leader.  Indeed, thousands of leaders have gained great insight from the works of Kouzes and Posner.

The newest treasure by these fine men is entitled Turning Adversity Into Opportunity.  The book is short but don’t let the size fool you.  Like their other works, this little book is definitely worthy of a careful read.

The book is built on the premise that leadership is hard; leadership is lonely.  But leaders navigate their way through difficult storms and actually use the stormy days as a catalyst for success.  Kouzes and Posner present six strategies for turning adversity into opportunity:

  1. Broaden the Context
  2. Defy the Verdict
  3. Fully Commit to What’s Important
  4. Take Charge of Change
  5. Engage Others
  6. Show You Care

My hope is that these six principles will attract interested readers who will devour the content and learn how to turn adversity into opportunity.  At the end of the day, Kouzes and Posner invite readers to embrace adversity for a purpose.  In what proves to be the most important sentence in the book, the authors add, “Let’s get excited about the adversities.  Yes, that’s right – excited.  They are not brick walls.  They are turning points.  They are there to ask you what you want and how badly you want it.  Let’s embrace the chance to make a difference.”


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