The Daring Heart of David Livingstone captures the account of the well-known 1595555927_bmissionary who sought with all his heart to bring the gospel to Africa in the 19th century.  Jay Milbrandt, professor at Bethel University is responsible for the meticulous research and for producing the final product.

Milbrandt guides readers through the adventures of the daring missionary who faced wild animals, hostile tribes, sickness among his family members, and eventually death itself.

But this is no ordinary missionary biography.  Indeed, Livingstone had a passion to bring the gospel to the nations.  But he also sought to end the slave trade in Africa.  Milbrandt describes all the events which eventually led to the abolition of the slave trade.  But interestingly enough, as the author notes, “Livingstone died perhaps believing he had failed in every respect.  Yet, in the few short years after his death, everything Livingstone had worked for had come to fruition.”

This book is vivid reminder that faithfulness and persistence matters.  It is a reminder that God is never obligated to reveal the fruit of one’s ministry in this lifetime.  Any fruit that is revealed is a result of the amazing grace of God.  It is this grace that Livingstone found his comfort and his strength.  It is this grace that fueled his resolve to make a difference in the lives of people – in order to spread a passion for the glory of God!

4 stars


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