ONE NATION – Ben Carson, MD (2014)

carsonThese days there is no shortage on political books.  Both liberals and conservatives are making the rounds in the publishing industry.  Many books are filled with drivel and propaganda.  A few are worth reading and prove very helpful.  Dr. Ben Carson’s new book is numbered among the helpful books.

One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future is not your typical political work.  Make no mistake, the author wastes no time in grinding his political “axe.”  But Dr. Carson comes with a different tone.  He is a non-nonsense conservative; the kind of conservative that makes social progressives squirm.  But even liberals  who disagree with the author will find the good doctor a welcome voice in the political world.

One Nation begins with Carson’s address at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.  Readers who are unfamiliar with the author would do well to carefully read and digest his remarks.  Again, he is an unashamed conservative but shares his views with boldness and humility – a combination which is rare these days, especially in Washington.

Part One: Causes of Disunity and Decline

In part one, Dr. Carson alerts readers to the multitude of cultural “brick walls” that prevent our nation from thriving.  He tackles political correctness, elitism (a favorite among the liberal “elite”), and bigotry, among others.  He accurately describes each problem with grace and tact.  Readers who are paying attention should be shaken by the depth of the problems which unfold in part one.

Part Two: Solutions

In part two, the author presents workable solutions to the problems he raised in part one.  He stresses the implementation of humility, cultivating a listening ear, and even-handed compromise, all of which are all but absent in Washington D.C.

Part Three: Who Are We?

Finally, Dr. Carson returns to the United States Constitution.  Unlike progressives and some liberals who maintain the Constitution is a “living document,” the author returns to the original intent of the founding fathers.  He stresses the importance of visionary leadership, role models, and morality – all necessary for a nation to thrive.

One Nation addresses all Americans – black, white, hispanic, Latino, and Asian.  Dr. Carson speaks to every person as a unique individual; an individual who is created in the imago dei.  But the most important feature of this book is the hope that Dr. Carson wields.  The  author waves mighty sword of freedom with boldness with the hope that other Americans will join in as well.

4 stars

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