TAKE COMMAND – Jake Wood (2014)

“The key to relentless execution, quite simply, is the consistent and conscious choice 9780804138390_bof success over failure.  It is living your personal life and leading your professional life in a way that acknowledges that when the stakes are high, the only thing that moves the needle from failure to success is the right attitude.”  Jake Wood points leaders in the right direction with such a mindset in his book, Take Command.

A former Marine sniper turned businessman, Jake Wood shares his life experiences with readers with a systematic approach which is easy to read and apply to daily life situations.

The author presents eight lessons for leaders.  These lessons are not mere theory; these lessons were forged on the battlefield and the business world.  Relevant quotes from famous military leaders are found throughout the book.

The lessons are organized in four broad categories – prepare, analyze, decide, and act. Wood’s life experiences in the military and business world make the life lessons come alive.  His approach is humble and inviting.  There is no pretense here; only common sense principles for anyone who seeks to become a better leader.

I received this book free from the publisher.   I was not required to write a positive review. 

3.5 stars

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