NEHEMIAH: An Expositional Commentary (James Boice)

0801066409_bJames Boice was God’s special gift to the church.  When he died, Boice left an enormous hole that no other person will ever fill.  He demonstrates his giftedeness in his commentary on Nehemiah.

The author presents a series of “dynamics” that are packed into the book of Nehemiah.  Principles of leadership, delegation, and management are explored.

Boice helps readers deal with opposition by using Nehemiah’s godly example.  He notes how success breeds opposition, and how detractors will often use tactics of ridicule or even violence.  Nehemiah’s leadership shines brightly as he faces the opposition on multiple fronts as he rebuilds the wall.

Part two examines the rebuilding of the nation.  The broad strokes of revival are set forth which include prayer, the read of God’s Word, the preaching of God’s Word, and sorrow over sin.

James Boice is always a pleasure to read.  The gospel is front and center.  The scholarship is impeccable.  And God’s Word is exalted to its rightful place.

Highly recommended!


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