Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? – James Boice

James Boice. Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace?  Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2001. 224 pp. $14.76 James Boice was the well-known pastor at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. He held that post for thirty years, faithfully executing his duties with a primary emphasis on expository preaching. Dr. Boice loved the doctrines of grace. His sermons wereContinue reading “Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? – James Boice”

NEHEMIAH: An Expositional Commentary (James Boice)

James Boice was God’s special gift to the church.  When he died, Boice left an enormous hole that no other person will ever fill.  He demonstrates his giftedeness in his commentary on Nehemiah. The author presents a series of “dynamics” that are packed into the book of Nehemiah.  Principles of leadership, delegation, and management are explored.Continue reading “NEHEMIAH: An Expositional Commentary (James Boice)”