Daymond John, The Power of Broke. New York: Crown Business, 2016. 261 pp. $15.60

Daymond John is the well-known fashion mogul who is best known for swimming in the Shark Tank, the popular reality television show where investors pitch their business idea in exchange for stake in their company.

The Power of Broke is the tale of a rag to riches businessman who grew up in Queens, New York and battled dyslexia as a youngster. The book is a mixture of John’s autobiography combined with business principles geared to budding entrepreneurs and success stories from others who have succeeded in the business world.

The acronym (SHARK) is the backbone of the book:
Set a goal
Homework, do yours
Adore what you do
Remember, you are the brand
Keep swimming.

The author builds on each of the above points by showing how other men and women in the business world have put these principles to good use.Also included in the book are eight Broke Power Principles that the author sets forth for immediate application. The author essentially argues that there is a benefit to being broke; that difficult times help fuel greater resolve and motivate a given person to a specific task.
I found The Power of Broke helpful and motivating. The book would be a big boost to a beginning entrepreneur who is looking for help from someone who has succeeded in the business world.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.



  1. Love John’s story. It’s nice to find a millionaire who does attribute success to the so called “law of attraction” or other humanistic BS I’ve had to endure while I’ve tried to get a nugget of business knowledge. Rant over

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