FINALLY FREE – Heath Lambert (2013)


Pastoral ministry is filled with unique challenges.  One challenge that is growing exponentially, is the sin of pornography.  Pastors must deal with this issue directly – with grace and biblical authority.

I tend to pass on most books that address the topic of pornography these days.  The reason: Many Christian books miss the target all-together.  They either focus on addiction, make excuses for men trapped in the sin of pornography, minimize the sin, or offer graphically explicit “help” that does more harm than good.  Frankly, most books that deal with this topic are drowning in psychological nonsense that ignores the plain teaching of Scripture.  So I pass on most of these books.

However, Heath Lambert’s book, Finally Free is different.  Here’s are several themes I see emerging from the pages of Lambert’s book:

  1. A supreme allegiance to Scripture.
  2. A passion for holiness.
  3. A clinging the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. An intense hatred of sin.
  5. A longing to help men trapped by the sin of pornography.
  6. A long list of biblical strategies for defeating sin.
  7. A commitment to exploring themes of sanctification which are grounded in God’s forgiving grace and his transforming grace.

The main point of the book serves as the foundation for this excellent piece of writing:

To alert readers to the grace of God which forgives and transforms.  Grace that forgives is greatly needed and will of course, bring a great deal of encouragement to men who struggle with sexual sin.  

But forgiving grace does not go far enough.  Struggling sinners also needs grace that transforms.  This kind of grace brings healing.  This kind of grace bring hope, and health, and life change.  This kind of grace destroys the pull and power of the sin of pornography.

Lambert does a terrific job of blending gospel-centered hope, admonition, and rebuke.  Men who struggle in this area should turn to this resource as a source of deep encouragement which will lead to victory over sin.  Frankly, Heath Lambert’s work is the best contemporary help available in dealing with this kind of sin.  The book would be suitable for one-on-one discipleship and would also serve readers well in a small group setting.

Highly recommended!

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