Greek For Everyone – A. Chadwick Thornhill (2016)

greeA. Chadwick Thornhill, Greek For Everyone: Introductory Greek For Bible Study and Application Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2016, 251 pp. . $16.23

Greek for Everyone: Introductory Greek For Bible Study and Application by A. Chadwick Thornhill sets out to accomplish two lofty goals. 1) Laying a foundation for those who lack formal training in the biblical language to gain insights from the original language of the New Testament, and 2) Provide an exegetical framework to help guide the way in which those insights are developed.

Thorn hill begins with the basics by introducing the Greek alphabet and giving readers a brief introduction to Koine Greek. After reviewing  the big picture of language, the author builds incrementally, allowing the reader to digest and assimilate new material along the way.

The book reads like a modified first-year grammar and works hard to define terminology that may be new to some readers. Various parts of speech are explained, essential vocabulary words are offered, and a host of Greek idioms are set forth.

The author concludes by showing how a working knowledge of Koine Greek is an invaluable aid with word studies and contextual analysis. Such an approach will surely prove to be a helpful tool for Bible students.

I found Greek For Everyone to be a useful tool. The author does succeed in achieving the goals set forth above. However, this book may prove to be too difficult for some first-year students. Readers who struggle with the material may be better prepared to tackle Greek to Me by J. Lyle Story.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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