SONGS OF THE NATIVITY – John Calvin (1562)

Songs of the Nativity by John Calvin is a collection of sermons taken from Luke 1 and 2. These sermons providecalvin an inside look at the commitments of the great Protestant Reformer. The sermons demonstrate Calvin’s handle on Scripture and his exegetical skill. But above all, these sermons reflect the love that Calvin had for the Savior in his earthly life.

Selected Quotes

“So whenever we speak about what God has done, we should strive to show how much we depend on him alone, and how all we have comes freely from his bountiful hand.”

“Woe to us if, in men’s eyes, we outrank the angels and enjoy the world’s praise, but fail to trust God!”

“God declares that all is misery unless our minds are firmly fixed on his word, and unless we recognize that to be blessed is to know his favor and to become a child of his.”

“When we have learned to rejoice in God, we will be free to praise him with a willing spirit, a loosened tongue and an untrammeled mind. If we would be consecrated to God as priests whose sacrifice brings glory to his name, we must rejoice in him.”

“Just to feel joy is simplicity itself. That is what the children of this world do all the time. But to rejoice in God is impossible until we experience the love he has for us, and until we know that he will not desert us but will lead us on to the end.”

“So however many troubles and trials may beset us, whatever sorrows and vexations we may feel, God’s peace is bound to prevail. Nothing should stop us rejoicing in him.”


Songs of the Nativity is a fitting devotional tool for the Christmas season. Readers will be blessed by one of the greatest expositors in the history of the church. Soli Deo gloria!

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