I always look forward to a new Chris Tomlin release.  Anyone who follows contemporary worship music will admit that Tomlin is a tremendous talent.  But his talent is not the main attraction.  Sure his music is good but what makes him a special artist is the depth of songs he writes and sings.  Some themesContinue reading “CHRIS TOMLIN – BURNING LIGHTS (2013)”

LINCOLN BREWSTER – Joy to the World (2012)

Today, I’m awakening to the reality that there is a reason why much of what passes for Christmas music is so boring – no guitar solos!  Apart from the epic Christian metal band, Theocracy, who has a tradition of releasing a new Christmas song every December, the prospect of a good guitar solo in aContinue reading “LINCOLN BREWSTER – Joy to the World (2012)”

77’s – Ping Pong Over the Abyss (1983)

The 77’s first album was originally released in 1983.  So why review an album that is almost thirty years old?  For starters, Michael Roe decided to make the album available on iTunes a few weeks ago.  So anyone that has an old crusty cassette and nothing to play it on should be very excited.  Also,Continue reading “77’s – Ping Pong Over the Abyss (1983)”