John Gregorious – Still Voice

John Gregorious. Still Voice. Spotted Peccary, 2016. $9.49 He was the best guitar teacher I ever had. Those were the days when I wanted to learn rock scales and riffs. “Teach me the tricks,” I would say. He was always gracious and taught me exactly what I wanted to learn. That was nearly thirty yearsContinue reading “John Gregorious – Still Voice”

SACRED WARRIOR – Waiting in Darkness (2013)

The 80’s was the decade of great Christian music.  Stryper led the way and several other bands followed.  Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Holy Soldier, and Guardian set a new direction and gave musical hope for a multitude of young people who grew tired of what passed for “music” in that generation.  One band that rose upContinue reading “SACRED WARRIOR – Waiting in Darkness (2013)”

Theocracy – Remastered and Remixed (2007)

The self-titled release by the Atlanta-based band, Theocracy first appeared in 2007 but has been out of circulation since that time.  For several months, fans have long-awaited for the release of Theocracy’s original album – an album that has been remastered and remixed.  On November 19, fans around the were thrilled to listen in toContinue reading “Theocracy – Remastered and Remixed (2007)”

BLOODGOOD – Dangerously Close (2013)

Almost 30 years ago, I saw Bloodgood open for Stryper at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  Even though I was fired up to see Stryper for the first time, I’ll never forget being blown away by Bloodgood.  They brought an energy to the stage that I’d never witnessed before.  But more important than energy was theContinue reading “BLOODGOOD – Dangerously Close (2013)”

STRYPER – No More Hell to Pay (2013)

There’s a buzz in the music world.  Veteran rockers, Stryper have released their latest original studio album.  No More Hell to Pay, which includes the original lineup, hit the streets on November 5.  The buzz has been brewing for several weeks as the band has been releasing samples and even streamed the entire album aContinue reading “STRYPER – No More Hell to Pay (2013)”

JOHN ELEFANTE – On My Way to the Sun (2013)

Kansas was my first taste of progressive rock in the early 80’s – a blend of heavy guitars, keyboards, and melodic vocals – set to complex melodies and soul-searching lyrics.  Songs like Play the Game Tonight, Hold On, and Fight Fire With Fire set a high watermark for a new generation of musicians.  John Elefante provided theContinue reading “JOHN ELEFANTE – On My Way to the Sun (2013)”

THEOCRACY – As the World Bleeds (2011)

It’s possible that Theocracy may be one of the best and most under-rated bands in the world.  While the boys from Atlanta boast a huge underground following, for some reason they have not gained the notoriety they deserve.  Their latest album, As the World Bleeds should have catapulted them onto a bigger stage.  It isContinue reading “THEOCRACY – As the World Bleeds (2011)”

RECKLESS – Jeremy Camp (2013)

From time to time, a Christian artist will release an album that is special – one the grabs the hearts and inspires.  Jeremy Camp’s new release, Reckless is such an album.  Anyone that follows Jeremy Camp will confess that he is the real deal.  Camp is an authentic man of God with a heart for youngContinue reading “RECKLESS – Jeremy Camp (2013)”


Stryper shocked the world in the early 80’s with their yellow and black spandex, distorted guitars, and long hair.   I’ll never forget the first time a saw a photograph of them.  My buddy flipped open a copy of Campus Life magazine and I was stunned.  “Christians can’t look like that,” I thought.  So IContinue reading “STRYPER: THE YELLOW AND BLACK ATTACK IS BACK!”