A GOSPEL PRIMER – Milton Vincent (2008)

A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent is a straightforward book that describes the essence of the gospel.  The author argues that the gospel must be rehearsed on a consistent basis.  Indeed, we must preach the gospel to ourselves every day. “Preaching the gospel to myself is a great way to keep God’s amazing love beforeContinue reading “A GOSPEL PRIMER – Milton Vincent (2008)”

A SIMPLE WAY TO PRAY – Archie Parrish (2011)

The Kindle edition of A Simple Way to Pray by Archie Parrish is a welcome complement to the growing amount of Reformed literature. Luther spells out his approach to prayer as he approaches the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, and Apostles’ Creed: “Take care not to undertake … so much that one becomes weary in spiritContinue reading “A SIMPLE WAY TO PRAY – Archie Parrish (2011)”


On July 27, 2011 one of the stalwarts of the Christian faith, John Stott went to be with the Lord. I credit Dr. Stott with instilling an early love for theology.  His book, The Cross of Christ (1986) is one of the first serious books I read as a Bible College student.  I’ll never forgetContinue reading “A STALWART OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH: JOHN STOTT (1921-2011)”