THE MATHENY MANIFESTO – Mike Matheny (2015)

“Whatever happened to the love of the game?”  Mike Matheny wants answers in his book, The Matheny Manifesto.  Less than ten pages into the book, I noticed my eyes began to well with tears.  Indeed, the love of the game has been displaced for ego, selfishness, and parents who live vicariously through their kids. Back toContinue reading “THE MATHENY MANIFESTO – Mike Matheny (2015)”

A JOURNEY TO HIGH PLACES – Larry Ikenberry (2011)

A Journey to High Places by Larry D. Ikenberry is a fascinating  inside look at the life of a man who lives coram Deo, before the face of God.  This stunning account of Ikenberry’s adventures confronts danger in the African bush, soars over majestic peaks, faces the mighty force of a volcano, and in shortContinue reading “A JOURNEY TO HIGH PLACES – Larry Ikenberry (2011)”