THE MATHENY MANIFESTO – Mike Matheny (2015)

“Whatever happened to the love of the game?”  Mike Matheny wants answers in his book, The Matheny Manifesto.  Less than ten pages into the book, I noticed my eyes began to well with tears.  Indeed, the love of the game has been displaced for ego, selfishness, and parents who live vicariously through their kids. Back toContinue reading “THE MATHENY MANIFESTO – Mike Matheny (2015)”

WOODEN ON LEADERSHIP – John Wooden and Steve Jamison (2005)

John Wooden is in the minds of many the greatest basketball coach of all time.  He won 10 national championships and tallied 88 consecutive wins at UCLA.  Wooden on Leadership explores the inner workings of Coach Wooden’s approach to coaching and his approach to life in general. PART ONE: THE FOUNDATION OF MY LEADERSHIP WoodenContinue reading “WOODEN ON LEADERSHIP – John Wooden and Steve Jamison (2005)”