The Pursuit of Excellence – George Sweeting

George Sweeting, The Pursuit of Excellence (Chicago: Moody Press, 2019), 196 pp. Our days are characterized by a general lack of discipline and lethargy. Even many Christians have been afflicted by mediocrity and aimlessness. Dr. George Sweeting’s recent book, The Pursuit of Excellence is an encouragement for anyone weary of these troubling trends. Sweeting isContinue reading “The Pursuit of Excellence – George Sweeting”

WOODEN ON LEADERSHIP – John Wooden and Steve Jamison (2005)

John Wooden is in the minds of many the greatest basketball coach of all time.  He won 10 national championships and tallied 88 consecutive wins at UCLA.  Wooden on Leadership explores the inner workings of Coach Wooden’s approach to coaching and his approach to life in general. PART ONE: THE FOUNDATION OF MY LEADERSHIP WoodenContinue reading “WOODEN ON LEADERSHIP – John Wooden and Steve Jamison (2005)”