In the late 1940’s, V.W. Steele resigned as the Senior pastor at Bethel Baptist in Everett, Washington. He stepped away from his pulpit at the height of a revival as he felt prompted by God to move to another ministry. He loaded up the car with his young family made the long journey to LosContinue reading “AWAKENING THE EVANGELICAL MIND – Owen Strachan (2015)”

The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind – Carl Trueman (2011)

In 1994, Mark Noll dropped a land mine on the ecclesiastical world with his excellent work, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.  Noll argued persuasively that “the scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind.”  Noll’s conclusion appears to be in agreement with the thesis of Harry Blamires whoContinue reading “The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind – Carl Trueman (2011)”

THE GOSPEL AND THE MIND: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life – Bradley G. Green (2010)

R.C. Sproul has stated, “We live in the most anti-intellectual period in church history.”  Sproul’s words are right on target.  His timely words are a sober reminder that once we have lost the Christian mind, we have lost all basis for discussion.  Indeed, we have lost our basis for meaning and morality.  When the epistemologicalContinue reading “THE GOSPEL AND THE MIND: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life – Bradley G. Green (2010)”


Mark Noll’s latest book, Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind is “oxygen” for the soul.  Noll’s encouragement is greatly needed in our day.  Many find themselves suffocating in these postmodern times.  The thin air of anti-intellectualism is sucking the life out of the church.  And the poisonous winds of heresy threaten the veryContinue reading “JESUS CHRIST AND THE LIFE OF THE MIND – Mark Noll (2011)”

A MIND FOR GOD – James Emery White (2006)

“Thinking Christianly” is the purpose of James Emery White’s, A Mind For God.  He writes early on, “While short in length, it sketches out a very large challenge and investment: to develop our minds in light of a biblical worldview that is then used to think Christianly in the world.” The author reaches his intendedContinue reading “A MIND FOR GOD – James Emery White (2006)”


Erosion occurs in the Christian mind when we do not carefully evaluate the propositions that bombard us.  And make no mistake.  The mental assault is relentless and subtle.  For instance, consider one of the central statements in the movie, Megamind – “Destiny is not the path given to us but the path we choose forContinue reading “THE EROSION OF THE CHRISTIAN MIND”

THINK: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God – John Piper (2010)

A good friend of mine made a very important statement a number of years ago: “We need to learn  to worship God with the mind.”  Unfortunately, his statement was met with harsh criticism.  The complaint reflected an all too common anti-intellectual approach that has gripped the church for decades.  R.C. Sproul has rightly stated, “WeContinue reading “THINK: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God – John Piper (2010)”