HIDDEN IN THE GOSPEL – William Farley (2014)

It’s short and sweet.  It is an easy read.  It is also one of the best books you will read this year.  William Farley’s Hidden in the Gospel: Truths You Forget to Tell Yourself Every Day is a treasure trove filled with timeless principles that will enrich your Christian life. Farley builds upon the dictum popularizedContinue reading “HIDDEN IN THE GOSPEL – William Farley (2014)”

GOSPEL-POWERED HUMILITY – William P. Farley (2011)

Gospel-Powered Humility by William Farley is a supercharged powder-keg for radical, God-centered Christian living.  There is much to commend in this little treasure.  A simple review will not do it justice. Part one overviews the problem which faces every human being.  That problem is identified as a soul-numbing sin – the sin of pride.  Of course,Continue reading “GOSPEL-POWERED HUMILITY – William P. Farley (2011)”