MEN’S INHUMANITY TO GOD – Jonathan Edwards (1750)

jonathan-edwardsJonathan Edwards never minced words.  In his sermon, Men’s Inhumanity to God he reminds sinners that their general bent is to turn away from God, curse God, and live independent of his authority.


Men are wont to offer such treatment to God as they will not take one of another.

Edwards draws his text from Malachi 1:8 and develops nine points to support the doctrine above.  His argument may be summed up as he describes the natural bent of sinners:

The meanest object of their lusts is  set higher than he: he has less respect show him than a few shillings of money, or than a morsel of meat or a draught of strong drink, or a little brutish pleasure with a harlot.  The vilest of their wicked companions is more regarded, more feared and honored than the Lord of heaven and earth … They plainly show that they condemn his awful and infinite majesty and greatness, [his] spotless holiness, his justice; [they] contemn [both] his threatenings [and his] mercy.


The specific application is straightforward and penetrating.  The Puritan divine encourages his listeners to make good use of the text by engaging in self-reflection, by turning to the Savior with a repentant heart, and praising God for his patience and mercy.

The sermons of Jonathan Edwards are a wake-up call for preachers in this generation to preach bold, gospel-centered messages.

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