WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? – Greg Gilbert (2010)

I coached high school tennis in the late 80’s.  One of my most vivid memories is my team’s disdain for fundamentals.  The first day of practice I told my players to “drop their rackets.”  Shocked and perplexed, they wondered what we could possibly accomplish without a tennis racket.  “The first week of practice, we willContinue reading “WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? – Greg Gilbert (2010)”


Brian McLaren comes out fighting in his newest book, A New Kind of Christianity.  Indeed, his savvy style and fancy footwork would make Rocky Balboa proud!  I suspect that McLaren, however, would not be comfortable with the fighting metaphor.  “Dialogue,” “conversation,” and “exchange” would be more appropriate for this emergent leader.  So step out ofContinue reading “A NEW KIND OF CHRISTIANITY – Brian McLaren (2010)”


“God communicates himself to the understanding of the creature, in giving him the knowledge of his glory; and to the will of the creature, in giving him holiness, consisting primarily in the love of God: and in giving the creature happiness, chiefly consisting in joy in God.  These are the sum of that emanation ofContinue reading “JONATHAN EDWARDS AND THE GLORY OF GOD”

THE CROSS OF CHRIST – John Stott (1986)

The Cross of Christ by John Stott has emerged over the years as one of the most important books that pertains to the redemptive work of our Savior. Stott’s work is a comprehensive look at the cross and its ramifications for the New Testament believer.   Without the cross there would undoubtedly be no reason toContinue reading “THE CROSS OF CHRIST – John Stott (1986)”

THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE – James Kouzes and Barry Posner (2007 Revised)

The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner assists people in furthering their abilities to lead others in order to get extraordinary things done.  Every person has the capacity to develop the necessary skills and character qualities to reach a level of measurable leadership effectiveness.  Leadership is defined at the outset as “the artContinue reading “THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE – James Kouzes and Barry Posner (2007 Revised)”


Jonathan Edwards, Evangelist unlike many of the other books that entertain the subject of evangelism, is not a “how-to” book.  It describes Edward’s mindset toward evangelism, his theological presuppositions, and inner battles. Dr. John Gerstner painstakingly poured over dozens of Edward’s sermons and writings.  The result has yielded an extremely readable rendition of Jonathan EdwardsContinue reading “JONATHAN EDWARDS, EVANGELIST – John Gerstner (1960)”

BASIC CHRISTIANITY – John Stott (1958)

A friend recently asked, “What book should new Christians read?”  I immediately referred him to Basic Christianity by John Stott.  First published in 1958, Stott’s work has sold over 2.5 million copies and was named “Book of the Century” by Christianity Today. The book begins by focusing the attention of the reader on the divineContinue reading “BASIC CHRISTIANITY – John Stott (1958)”

SUFFERING AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD – John Piper and Justin Taylor, Ed (2006)

The only one who has taught me more about the sovereignty of God than John Piper is Jonathan Edwards.  Dr. Piper does not disappoint in this edited work.  The chapters are compiled in a series of transcripts from the 2005 Desiring God Conference, Suffering and the Sovereignty of God.  This review serves as a summaryContinue reading “SUFFERING AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD – John Piper and Justin Taylor, Ed (2006)”


“The ultimate reason that suffering exists in the universe is so that Christ might display the greatness of the glory of the grace of God by suffering in himself to overcome our suffering.  The suffering of the utterly innocent and infinitely holy Son of God in the place of utterly undeserving sinners to bring usContinue reading “THE REASON FOR SUFFERING”

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – Thomas Watson (1692)

Jonathan Edwards has always been and will always be my favorite Puritan pastor and theologian.  But Thomas Watson comes in as a close second.  Though he did not pump out the material that Edwards produced, his work is always readable, inspiring, poetic, biblical and God-centered to the core. The Ten Commandments is no exception.  ThomasContinue reading “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – Thomas Watson (1692)”