LUTHER AND KATHARINA – Jody Hedlund (2015)

He was an Augustinian monk, transformed by the sovereign grace of God. His newly regenerated heart beat with passion for Jesus. His mind was devoted to the sacred Scripture. This former Roman Catholic turned Protestant rebel was mightily used by God to influence a nation and eventually the whole world for the sake of Christ’sContinue reading “LUTHER AND KATHARINA – Jody Hedlund (2015)”

EMPIRE’S END – Jerry Jenkins (2015)

“I preached Christ and Him crucified, and many more became believers.”  This sentence summarizes the essence of the book, Empire’s End by Jerry Jenkins.  It is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that fueled the resolve of Paul the apostle.  It is the gospel that motivated his every action.  It is the gospel that heContinue reading “EMPIRE’S END – Jerry Jenkins (2015)”

THE AUSCHWITZ ESCAPE – Joel Rosenberg (2014)

Razor-wire fences. Vicious dogs.  Soot filled chimneys.  Gas chambers.  Piles of rotting corpses.  The stench of human flesh.  These are only a few of the images that make up one of the many death camps devised by the Nazi’s during World War II. Joel Rosenberg offers readers with his first attempt at a work ofContinue reading “THE AUSCHWITZ ESCAPE – Joel Rosenberg (2014)”