ON GLOBAL WIZARDRY – Peter Jones, Ed. (2010)

Peter Jones understands postmodern culture and has a particular interest in warning the church about the pernicious influence of neo-paganism.  His newest book, On Global Wizardry, continues to alert Christ-followers and equips them to respond in a biblically appropriate way. Jones edits this work and relies on a host of experts to assist him inContinue reading “ON GLOBAL WIZARDRY – Peter Jones, Ed. (2010)”

GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)

A few days ago as my family entered a bookstore, my eight year old son shocked and thrilled me when he asked, “Hey Dad, where can I find the Peter Jones books?”  My son is asking the question that scores of Christians should be asking.  Enter Gospel Truth, Pagan Lies by Peter Jones. It isContinue reading “GOSPEL TRUTH, PAGAN LIES – Peter Jones (1999)”


I am thankful for the Basics of the Reformed Faith Series, a collection of booklets released by Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing.  These short treatments (with the exception of the booklet on infant baptism) are extremely helpful and should be a part of every Christian library. Philip Graham Ryken tackles a crucial topic in, What isContinue reading “WHAT IS THE CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW?”


“Who am I and what is my purpose?”  “How should I live and how can I determine right from wrong?”  “On what basis can I answer these questions?”  “What is the truth?”  And, “Who is my final authority?”  Questions like these do not have simple answers.  Rather, they demand deep thinking and philosophical spade work.Continue reading “SHOULD CHRISTIANS STUDY PHILOSOPHY?”


Brian McLaren comes out fighting in his newest book, A New Kind of Christianity.  Indeed, his savvy style and fancy footwork would make Rocky Balboa proud!  I suspect that McLaren, however, would not be comfortable with the fighting metaphor.  “Dialogue,” “conversation,” and “exchange” would be more appropriate for this emergent leader.  So step out ofContinue reading “A NEW KIND OF CHRISTIANITY – Brian McLaren (2010)”

THE GAGGING OF GOD – D.A. Carson (1996)

The Gagging of God seeks  to equip Christians to be intelligent, culturally sensitive, and to remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In general the book argues that philosophical pluralism (also coined religious pluralism) may be the most dangerous threat to the gospel since the rise of the Gnostic heresy.  Thus, the central purposeContinue reading “THE GAGGING OF GOD – D.A. Carson (1996)”


Cultivate the Christian mind and worldview (Matt. 22:37) Understand a unified view of truth and a biblical epistemology (John 14:6) Lead prisoners out of the darkness and into the light (John 8:34; Eph. 2:1-10) Tell the truth by engaging people with love and boldness (Acts 17:30-31) Undermine worldly ideologies (2 Cor. 10:5) Recognize cultural trendsContinue reading “THE VERITAS CREDO”