A LOST GOD IN A LOST WORLD – Melvin Tinker (2015)

Augustine sounded the alarm in his magisterial work, The City of God.  The date was 426 A.D. Augustine’s battle cry alerted Christ-followers to the beauty, majesty, and sovereignty of a holy God. Melvin Tinker sounds another alarm in his new book, A Lost God in a Lost World. His intent is to articulate the soberingContinue reading “A LOST GOD IN A LOST WORLD – Melvin Tinker (2015)”

WE CANNOT BE SILENT – R. Albert Mohler (2015)

Postmodern culture is drowning in relativism and religious pluralism. The rising tide of liberalism and theological compromise has not only washed upon the secular shore; it has come crashing in upon the evangelical church with the force of a tsunami. Dr. R. Albert Mohler explores this rising cultural storm in his new book, We CannotContinue reading “WE CANNOT BE SILENT – R. Albert Mohler (2015)”

The Colson Way – Owen Strachan (2015)

Gospel-spreading, Jesus-loving, and worldview-shaping.  These short phrases describe a special man.  This man was bold, unafraid, and merciful.   He was filled with compassion for people and longed to see social justice in America and around the globe.  These are only a few brief descriptions of the former hatchet-man.  This man served under President RichardContinue reading “The Colson Way – Owen Strachan (2015)”

GOD IN THE WHIRLWIND – David Wells (2014)

Jeremiah warned the people of God.  He did not shirk his responsibility.  And he never winked at sin.  Jeremiah spoke the truth with clarity and passion.  We are in desperate needs of prophetic voices in our day.  We need men like Jeremiah who are unafraid of compromisers and capitulators.  We need men like Jeremiah whoContinue reading “GOD IN THE WHIRLWIND – David Wells (2014)”

RISKY GOSPEL – Owen Strachan (2013)

When is the last time you took a risk – something really risky; something adventuresome, something costly?  Whatever the reason is, many people have failed to step up to the plate.  Hoards of Christ-followers have failed to live up to their calling before almighty God. Owen Strachan’s newest book helps Christians reach for something greater;Continue reading “RISKY GOSPEL – Owen Strachan (2013)”

THE GRAND WEAVER – Ravi Zacharias (2007)

Our culture has for the most part been washed ashore on a beach littered with relativism and pragmatism.  Anyone who aspires or seeks refuge in something larger than him or herself is caught on the horns of a dilemma – either admit the hopelessness of such a pursuit or embrace transcendent truth that derives fromContinue reading “THE GRAND WEAVER – Ravi Zacharias (2007)”

DEATH BY LIVING – N.D. Wilson (2013)

Grasshoppers, swings, dirt, traffic jams, puppy dogs, and blue skies. N.D. Wilson appears to be captivated by everyday objects and everyday situations. He appears to be captivated by life. Living life is what his new book is meant to convey – really living life. But living also means dying.  So the author wordsmiths his wayContinue reading “DEATH BY LIVING – N.D. Wilson (2013)”

ECHOES OF EDEN – Jerram Barrs (2013)

Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs sets out to explore literature and the arts and its relation to the historic Christian faith.  With a deep commitment to the Christian worldview, the author helps readers navigate their way through the minefield of the arts. One of the chief contentions of the author is that “great artContinue reading “ECHOES OF EDEN – Jerram Barrs (2013)”