They call him the “Wacko Bird.”  Other words are often used to describe the Senator from Texas: He’s accused of being “extreme,” “out of touch,” “crazy,” and  “arrogant.”  The media has caricatured him as a right-wing lunatic.  The liberals in Congress have tried to discount him and marginalize him. After reading, A Time For Truth byContinue reading “TED CRUZ – THE WACKO BIRD (2015)”

LAST ACT: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan – Craig Shirley (2015)

  The legacy of President Ronald Reagan is securely established in history. Liberals can scoff and moan but the fact remains; Ronald Wilson Reagan is one of the most influential Americans of all time. Indeed, Reagan is not only one of the loved and respected presidents in American history; he is also one of theContinue reading “LAST ACT: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan – Craig Shirley (2015)”

KILLING REAGAN – Bill O’Reilly (2015)

Some people love him; others hate him. But one thing is certain about Bill O’Reilly. The popular host of the O’Reilly Factor makes history interesting. The “no-spin” Irish-American journalist began a series of killing books, with the publication of Killing Lincoln. This effort was followed by Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus, and Killing Patton. O’Reilly’s latestContinue reading “KILLING REAGAN – Bill O’Reilly (2015)”

41: A PORTRAIT OF MY FATHER – George W. Bush (2014)

“Read my lips.  No new taxes.”  These are the words that enter the minds of most Americans when then think of President George H.W. Bush.  It is an unfortunate turn of events that the President was placed in a position where a decision to raise taxes become a necessary compromise with Democrats. President George W.Continue reading “41: A PORTRAIT OF MY FATHER – George W. Bush (2014)”

LIBERTY AND TYRANNY: A Conservative Manifesto – Mark Levin (2009)

Mark Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny made quite a splash when it was originally published in 2009.  Even though the book is a bit dated now, I think it’s relevance is even greater now that President Obama’s failed policies have taken root.  The rotten fruit of liberalism litters the American landscape – conservatives are facedContinue reading “LIBERTY AND TYRANNY: A Conservative Manifesto – Mark Levin (2009)”

ONE NATION – Ben Carson, MD (2014)

These days there is no shortage on political books.  Both liberals and conservatives are making the rounds in the publishing industry.  Many books are filled with drivel and propaganda.  A few are worth reading and prove very helpful.  Dr. Ben Carson’s new book is numbered among the helpful books. One Nation: What We Can AllContinue reading “ONE NATION – Ben Carson, MD (2014)”


Several years ago, I set out to read about as many of the United States presidents as possible.  Reading about the great leaders in America’s history; leaders like George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan is an unforgettable experience that tends to leave a mark on each reader. During this political season filledContinue reading “THE WAY FORWARD: RENEWING THE AMERICAN IDEA – Paul Ryan (2014)”

THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE: The Unlikely Rise of Vladamir Putin (2012)

Masha Gessen has a story to tell.  This Russian journalist draws the lines clearly and writes in terms that are understandable and inspiring.  Gessen tells the story of the ascension of President Putin in The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladamir Putin. Gessen writes, “And with this, the transformation of Russia back intoContinue reading “THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE: The Unlikely Rise of Vladamir Putin (2012)”

DUEL WITH THE DEVIL – Paul Collins (2013)

Jonathan Edwards is the greatest theologian to plant his feet on American soil.   It should come as no surprise, then, when one learns about the able individuals that sprouted forth from Edwards family tree – physicians, lawyers, university presidents, and even a vice-president.  Aaron Burr was Thomas Jefferson’s vice-president, of course.  Burr was alsoContinue reading “DUEL WITH THE DEVIL – Paul Collins (2013)”


Michael Reagan has captured the essence of President Reagan’s values, fiscal policy, and tough-minded leadership in his book, The New Reagan Revolution.  The sub-title should jolt any thinking American – “How Ronald Reagan’s Principles Can Restore America’s Greatness.”  Clearly, we have drifted far from President Reagan’s vision for America.  The city of the hill that heContinue reading “THE NEW THE NEW REAGAN REVOLUTION – Michael Reagan (2010)”