ryanSeveral years ago, I set out to read about as many of the United States presidents as possible.  Reading about the great leaders in America’s history; leaders like George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan is an unforgettable experience that tends to leave a mark on each reader.

During this political season filled with failed policies and lackluster leadership, I set out to read about a few men who may one day occupy the Oval Office.  The first book is written by the Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan.  His book, The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea is a transparent look at the Wisconsin native and his vision for America.

Readers will be impressed with Ryan’s unassuming style.  He’s a small town boy with big dreams for America.  There’s no political pretense here; just well-thought out ideas that Ryan proposes in order to rescue our country from the clutches of the Obama administration.

Several reforms are proposed by Paul Ryan.  The first proposal he presents is entitlement and health-care reform.   The goal here, according to Ryan is to begin by repealing Obama care, the prized jewel of social progressives.   Ryan makes it clear that he intends to save social security, medicare, and medicaid.  But the current policies will, in the final analysis lead to economic disaster.  Ryan proposes commonsense solutions which promote competition among insurance companies and doctors which will ultimately drive down prices; not to mention put more money back into the pocketbook of Americans.

The second proposal includes an economic growth component.  Ryan addresses the growing national debt crisis which is over $17 trillion and rising.  He addresses the liberal proclivity to tax and spend.  Ryan adds, “The bottom line is that when you tax something , you get less of it.  So when we tax prosperity and success, we get less of each – and we need more of both so we can get the economy working for everyone again.”

Third, tax reform is on Ryan’s agenda.  He is in favor of a reduction of the corporate tax rate and argues in favor of a simpler tax code.  Ryan’s reforms would mean “that no business or family would pay more than 25 percent of their income to the federal government.”  And many Americans would pay considerable less under the Ryan plan.

Fourth, ending cronyism and corporate welfare.  Ryan notes, “Cronyism is integral to the progressive approach to governing.”  A brief look at the Obama policies only confirm this notion.  Ryan concludes, “Americans need to know that their government is on their side – encouraging robust competition that will best serve their interests and grow their economy – rather than on the side of big, established corporate players.  Capitalism and cronyism are not compatible, and it’s time Republicans made it much clear to voters that we are the party that stands for a competitive economy suitable for growth.”

Fifth, Ryan makes a good case for regulatory reform.  “Going forward,” he writes, “we should ease the regulatory  burden on the economy, and the best way to do that is to bring meaningful cost-benefit analysis back into the system, reconnect the law with the lawmakers, and restore the balance between the branches of the government.  True regulatory reform can restart economic growth – and produce the energy we need.”

Sixth, aggressive immigration reform should be a key plank in the GOP platform.  Ryan’s ideas are among the best I’ve read as a pathway for citizenship is offered and accountability required.

Seventh, sound monetary policy will guide our country into the future.

Finally, a twenty-first century national defense strategy and foreign policy.  Ryan refers to this final component of his plan as the “missed opportunity” of the Obama administration.  Moving forward will require a strong military and a foreign policy that builds bridges with our allies around the world.

There’s something strangely refreshing about Paul Ryan’s approach.  Readers will notice that this man is devoted to his family and country.  He just happens to be a politician.  Here is a man who has strong gifts  in the field of economics and understands how to apply a supply-side approach in the current climate.  Paul Ryan is a strong leader with strong values and a heart for the American ideal.  Whether he ever ends up in the Oval Office is anyone’s guess.  One thing is true: He knows the way forward.

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