Several good books were published in 2012.  My top reads are listed below:

1.  A PURITAN THEOLOGY: DOCTRINE FOR LIFE – Joel Beeke & Mark Jones (2012)

A theological feast and reminder that the Puritans still matter.

See my Review





2. THE CONVICTION TO LEAD – Albert Mohler (2012)


The most important leadership book of 2012 and one of the best I’ve read in some time.

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3.  THE MAN CHRIST JESUS – Bruce A. Ware (2012)    


A tremendous Christological work.  Highly recommended!

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4. GOSPEL WAKEFULNESS – Jared C. Wilson (2012)


The most important book on the gospel in 2012.

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5. KINGDOM THROUGH COVENANT – Peter Gentry & Stephen Wellum (2012)    See my Review


The middle path between Dispensationalism and Covenant theology.  The book I needed in Seminary twenty years ago.

See my Review





6. THE RACKETEER – John Grisham (2012)


Proof that John Grisham is not done writing.







7.  KILLING KENNEDY – Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard (2012)    


A fascinating historical look at the Kennedy assassination.

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8.  SOJOURNERS AND STRANGERS  – Gregg Allison (2012)


The best work on the church in years.

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9.  THE NEW REAGAN REVOLUTION – Michael Reagan (2011)    


The book President Obama needs to read!

See  my Review






10.  THE SNOW CHILD – Eowyn Ivey (2012)


A captivating read.

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